The Bridge


Hello Spring! 

Dancing and teaching Egyptian Oriental Dance requires more than mastering the data that surrounds the subject – technique, music & cultural context knowledge. It´s a personal journey that goes beyond external movements and acclaimed “short cut” choreographies.

As a Sacred Language – that speaks from the soul to the soul -, it requires personal maturity, an open heart (with the purity of a child), an intelligence that has gone above itself (the humbleness of an old woman), a body which is free (free of its own petiness); an energy field that is open, clean and ready to be a bridge. Because being a bridge is the maximum an artist – and a teacher – can aspire to. Nothing but a bridge, a vehicle of truth, liberation and LIFE.

The question is “how does one become a bridge”? The answer to that question is what every Oriental Dancer, amateur or professional, needs to find out.

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