large.jpgMy claws are out. Not finally, not too soon or too late – in its perfect time.

The Fog woke me up today – dense, generous, revealing. I rose up and cleaned the ashes of yesterday night´s fire. Then I went downstairs, where the mice and the spiders sleep, and gathered new wood.

The damp – Spring filled earth beneath my feet – greeted me and I greeted the birds. I saw, inside the fog, a new story outpouring, like a fountain, from the centre of my chest.

A salamander waited for me on the road, on my way to the cofee house – I greeted her like we greet our Fire Sisters.

There´s no higher – or more revealing Journey – than the one we dare taking inside ourselves. We cannot teach what we haven´t experienced. First, we walk the Road, then we guide others into It.

Rebirth mode is ON.




Home is where your is.
No make-up, fancy cloths, noise or music. Only Silence (within me; surrounding me).
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