The Magical Ladder

Joana Saahirah natural look 3 ready.jpg

Photo: me, captured by the lens of Zakahia

The Magical Ladder´s clearer than ever: my Life has been expanding in ascending mode since I can remember.

First step of the ladder was studying Classical Ballet from the age of 5; then came music, other dance styles, the beginning of a sculpture called Joana. Acting Conservatoire and the discovery that changed my life: Egyptian Dance. First, by the hands of a Goddess called Prisca Diedrich, then with a Nubian God called Shokry Mohamed. And then, oh well…Egypt. First as a student, then as a successful professional dancer for 8 years in a row. In the last 3 years my life has happened – and grown – around the world. I´ve taught, performed and lectured in these last years in more countries than most people will visit in several life times.

The next step of the ladder is starting to take shape and I´m loving it. Ascension is guaranteed because I only work – live – from my heart. Direction is bursting out from the fog – thankfully! – and putting the biggest smile on my face. A HUGE step in this ladder is just ahead of me, already under my feet, and I am READY to FLY. Professionally; personally.

Meanwhile, I celebrate the steps that brought me where I am.

Me, performing in Cairo with my orchestra.

Theme: “Awet´aeny” by The Voice of the Orient, Om Kolthoum

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