The (stubborn) Choice

10402521_10153790188617731_1893537389851391382_n– How do you do it? Were you born this way (always happy, laughing, passionate)? – She asked me, presuming I carried answers she ignored.

-I am born like this every second because I choose to. Every second I am reborn and in every second I choose, from scratch, to be happy. Joy is a choice, more a matter of discipline than of circumstances. My Magic is powerful, dear, but not enough to avoid the tears, the sadness and the losses. That´s life and I can´t – wouldn´t want to – stop life. It would be like cutting Winter to rush Spring. Nothing new could be born from such arrogance. But I can choose to dance while I cry; have my heart broken with sweetness; plant new flowers while the storm hits me on the face. I can yell in the forest and fall on the ground – eating earth, dirt and my own feet, if necessary – while reminding myself this too shall pass. Because the answer, if there´s an answer, is that life´s too precious to be thrown away with persistent sadness. Necessary sadness, yes; persistent sadness, no, thank you. Get in and get out of it; if you can´t get out of it for a while – a short or long while – have the clarity to dance inside that sadness and always remind yourself: this too shall pass. Make it your personal mantra.

-I wish you could teach me how to do it. – She insisted, still unaware no one holds the key to other person´s life.

-I ´m no life teacher – just an apprentice. Living can only be mastered by living. I´m a curious student who can share my journey with you but my journey is not YOUR journey. And I fail, my friend, but I do so with gusto; I fail often at the daily choice of joy while having the guts to smile at those failures. And, when I do, there comes joy – almost invisible, stubborn, natural -, sprouting from my – sad or happy – smile.

-I can´t do it!
-Ok. Smile while you´re not doing it.

Photo: Joana Saahirah performing in Tokyo, Japan, at Starry Nights Festival sponsored by the fabulous Joanne Pascual ❤


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