The Guide

“Faith means living with uncertainty – feeling your way through life, letting your heart guide you like a lantern in the dark.”
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Flowing with Life has always been a polemic theme, at least for me. I was born a leader and a DOer of my own life; I didn´t expect life to hand things to me (that has changed!) – I just went ahead and made it happen. I don´t follow groups, orders or most advices. If there was a price for this freedom/independence, I paid it with gladness. No price tags attached nowadays – growing in ❤

Egypt – my career and personal life there – taught me many things in a fast, often shocking manner. One of them, which may figure at the top of my list, remains unfolding and confirming its accuracy: you cannot fight Life.

You can choose to feel alone in the world, the sole author of your existence;

You can choose to feel a victim and believe life is against you and, therefore, you have to fight it;

You can choose to recognize life as a partner in a co-creation enterprise where each part takes care of the other.

No need to explain why the third option may be the most interesting. I don´t say “the best”. I don´t believe in better or worse anymore. But certainly the most interesting and, probably, the most constructive.

In this Co-Creation Adventure my ❤ leads The Way. The Ego, the part of us which is still too human, too childish, may have offered some resistance but – allas! – you cannot stop Love from happening.

Have courage, dear friends. By “have courage” (coeur = heart, in French) I mean: let your heart lead the way. But, before you do it, reconnect with it.We´ve been away from home for a long, long time.

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