Spreading the Magic in Italy & Poland


“The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond” 2nd edition, revised & updated, in Milan.


The Magic of Oriental Dance in Poland by yours truly for the first time in Poland! My return to Poland is already settled. Keep tuned! 🙂

Time seems to vanish quicker than usual; the concept of time itself is changing. A day passes in a minute and a second can feel like eternity. So much life, projects, dreams and ideas to materialize and so little time for everything…or not. I choose to believe there´s plenty. Of time. Of everything which is great, sweet, worthy of my attention.


We made magic in Italy!

Milano near from Bull with Giorgia.JPG

Me and Giorgia, my beautiful sponsor in Milan, having fun under the light of Milan.

This time around, I won´t be able to write, in detail, about my last work trips (Italy and Poland). A question of time, once more, and priorities. But I can say I had an amazing time in both countries, teaching the dance I love, giving my best to educate, inspire, challenge and empower students to be and dance their best selves.

Stepping on the bull s balls

Stepping on the bull´s balls for luck (centre of Milan). Don´t ask!

Poland saw me roaming its cities – Lublin, in particular – without a determined destination. That´s my favourite way of knowing a city. It found me having coffee and pancakes at a cozy coffee shop, reading Henry Miller and Anais Nin letters, scribbling on my journal, tasting a rare moment of silence and pause.

Ballando en la Scala.JPG

Dancing at the La Scalla theatre, Milan.

Italy fed me like a big mamma – too deliciously, too much! It made me want to learn italian, officially, and find me an italian lover as well. Those men tell you the most terrifying things and they sound like poetry – damn the gorgeous italian language!


Lublin Jewish restaurant.JPG

At my favourite spot in Lublin, Poland: Mandragora restaurant.

From Majdanek concen
tration camp, in Lublin, (not a walk in the park, I assure you) to what became my favourite  Jewish restaurant – Mandragora -, all I could do was savouring each moment, sad or happy, and learn. Learning, always.

This world of ours is a School, a gorgeous school.



Teaching in Poland with a mysterious light on my hand.

If it´s true we are a product of the countries we know, I must be beyond gorgeous. There, I said it again; now throw me in the fire! I feel fuller, smoother, more open and curious after each trip. I remind myself of the privilege of knowing the world while doing the work I love the most, meeting incredible people who are invariably kind, interesting and surprising. No matter where I go, success, safety, abundance and beauty are waiting for me.

Noi us nos.JPG

Love is everywhere ❤ ❤

Three words: I AM RICH ❤




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