Shake your assets, girl!

logo-courseDon´t blame me for loving everything I do; I was born an epicurist, a lover of pleasures. I´d go even further: a slave of pleasures. But always a happy slave, a servant of my own joy.

Love, friends, family, books, cinema, gardens, food, travelling, sports, my work – in its different facets: Life. I take pleasure from all of it.

My new PRIVATE ON LINE WORKSHOP – INTRODUCTION TO THE SECRETS OF EGYPTIAN DANCE is one of those pleasures that is taking me higher towards territories I didn´t know existed. I guess that´s what happens when you work from your ❤

Here´s a bit of what´s going on behind closed doors, via skype, with students from all over the world.

Follow the link for more informations about the workshop:
Teaching YES“We´re starting to embrace the notion that walking the road is more important than arriving and the treasures we seek are, in fact, inside of us. In dance as in life.

We may need others – teachers, fellow dancers, friends, lovers, family, strangers who cross our paths for a reason and/or a season – as catalysts of change but the change is a personal, often lonely, journey. They may guide us, provoke us, open new doors but they cannot walk the road for us. And the road is the walking. Or floating, as I´ve recently discovered.”

By Joana Saahirah (me, in principle). Piece from an article I wrote for “Zaghareet magazine” (to be published soon)


Did you think Oriental Dance was just a shaking your assets business? Think again. 


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