Water Goddess Magic.JPG“Once you allow Life to impregnate you, you become pregnant with life; once you work WITH what is and not against it, you become as powerful as The Source which is guiding you. Once you embrace the container – what is NOW, not your ideal now but the real now -, you become the container.

This is the beginning of Tarab and, may I add, the beginning of personal growth. You cannot have one without the other.

Shokry Mohamed, my first teacher and a Magician of his own sort, used to close his eyes while he was dancing. He had doves in the place of his hands – black, Nubian doves that moved according to a melody beneath the music he was listening.

Shokry knew about the Flow. He didn´t dance water – he was water.

I found this Key (Ankh) in other, though not many, dancers. More in the amateurs – the lovers – than in the professionals.

Although the West tries to fit Oriental Dance into boxes that don´t belong to it – limiting it through names, cathalogs, easy & quick solutions, simplications, commercially appealing shelves -, the truth is there´s an essential part of Egyptian Dance that can only be discovered by the dancer. No teacher or external source can walk that path.”

Excerpt from an article I just wrote for  “Zaghareet” magazine (to be published soon). About the magazine: http://zaghareet.freeservers.com/magazine.html

Surrendering - Water Series.JPG

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