Back to my baby


Back to my literary baby. I said 2016 was the year I´d finish my upoming book, or at least its 2nd volume, and I´ll work to make it happen.

The dancer sits at a desk – this time around a chosen, cosy, enchanted desk – and returns to the full time job of writing her new baby. Volume I – done. Volume 2 – work in progress. Courage; persistence, discipline mixed with madness, self-confidence interwined with a healthy self-criticism sense. I´ll be teaching on line every day – as well as preparing the material for upcoming events in the world – but the focus in the next couple of months will be my baby, the one that made me launch my career in Egypt, the one I promised myself I would write in a way that has never been written before.

For me, it´s all or nothing.

Meanwhile, in the land of my compulsively creative brain, a new children´s tale is born. I guess I´ll have to put it down on the paper. One book is not enough – I need more, more more. Another odd job for the dancer to accomplish.

Oh, boy. Let´s do It ❤ !


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