The Essentials

12705271_10154009290074797_2139276668465814464_nMy life has been a roller coaster of music, creativity, doing, travelling, shining and dealing with different worlds since I can remember. I was born in a peasant family with a taste for cosmopolitan delights and culture.

Although with difficulty, my parents made a point on taking me and my sister on vacation to foreign countries; they sacrificed their time and money so we could study music and classical ballet (from the age of 5, in my case); they bought us poetry books for Christmas and didn´t throw us in the catholic church, like most of the parents of my colleagues did.

We moved from Portugal to Spain continuously (this is how Portuguese and Spanish became my mother languages and background cultures). When I was 19, I received a scholarship to study in Madrid at “La Real Escuela de Arte Dramatico de Madrid”, the equivalent to the Acting Conservatoire where I was studying to be an Actress. I lived there for one year, between the “Atocha” station and “Lavapies”, the Gipsy neighborhood.

Right after that, Egypt – The Big Move. The rescue of my past and the beginning of this great adventure; Oman, Lebanon, Qatar; back to Egypt. More recently, the whole world. Continuous movement, exterior stimulation, distractions.

You get my point.

I L-O-V-E my life and I have no intention of slowing down in terms of evolution but time has come for a different kind of geography, one that doesn´t come in the maps, what I call the INTERNAL GEOGRAPHY.

It´s not only a practical matter – I need to stay relatively still and in silence in order to advance with the writing of my new book (now working on the 2nd volume; 1st volume is done) -it´s also a personal need. My ears need silence, my soul needs some serious inner searching, my dance deserves a deeper self-knowledge and my body is yelling for the care I never really gave to it except for one massage here and one facial there.

Some times, the best – or only – way to move forward is to STOP. Or, at least, cool down, go for places that are not mentioned in the world geography and allow yourself to return where it all started: inside yourself.Breathing gif.gif

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