Proud mamma!

BookpromoMarch2016.JPGAlthough I´ve moved on and feel totally in love with my upcoming book – the one I´m currently working on, between work trips, on line classes and other commitments -, readers from all over the world keep reminding me of the pride I´ll always carry for my first baby: “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond”.
It wasn´t a planned pregnancy; I never intended to write this book. Or maybe I did but I didn´t remember it. Anyway, it was born and I couldn´t be a prouder mum.
Every time I need inspiration or extra strength to move forward with confidence I go back to my own book and smile in awe:
-Who wrote this? I did?!
The awareness that I´m just a bridge is stronger than ever; the gratitude for the excellence too.
” It took me a long time – and the patience I rarely possess – to convince her to dance for me but I did it. We were alone, no man in sight, no threat to what Egyptian women know as their “exclusively feminine” safe space.

The fruit and vegetable baskets were forgotten on the sofa.

Mona took off her “hijab” (scarf that covers Muslim women´s heads) like a bird shaking annoying water off its wings.

Then she remained in stillness – dancing in silence – and with such purity and truth that no external movement was required. She was dancing through BEING, feeling the music and enjoying it from the depths of her soul. A Freedom scream – coming a forgotten part of her womb – could be touched all over the room. We disappeared, leaving space for Life* to happen.”

Piece from “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond” by Joana Saahirah, 2nd edition, revised & updated.

a ler The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life and Beyond by Joana Saahirah.

Cover Rute Maluma

Original portrait made by Rute Mauma for the cover of my first published book. I can see myself in every bit of this image.

How to get your own copy:

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