My Man!

1395275_10204060306002730_3836077298896519925_nI love men; I also love women. Basically, I love Human Beings – male, female or anything in between with a functioning consciousness, pure intentions and a beautiful heart.

Change is not an option anymore, it´s the only chance at survival and, dare I say, rebirth for Humanity.

Men – as Women – are now asked to grow up, leaving behind rotten concepts of what it means to be masculine and feminine. I believe the NEW WOMAN is already out there; I like to believe I´m one of them.
The NEW WOMAN needs a NEW MAN and I use the word NEEDS because it´s through dialogue and polarity that we know ourselves and expand.
I can live a great life by myself – hello, Miss Self-Sufficient! – but my biggest potential is not accomplished unless My Partner joins me on The Journey.

Men need women as much as women need men – human beings with a new vision of themselves and life.
I don´t know about you but one thing I´m sure of: I´m so but so oh so damn blessed be the skies READY for my NEW MAN.

Welcome to Heaven, dear  !

Follow the link to this gorgeous article on the subject of the WILD MASCULINE:


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