12814053_10154120573214750_3548432587915480847_n.jpgHome is where the heart is, we all heard it said. What if your heart is everywhere, its cells spread out, a bit in one country, another bit in another?

Moving out of Egypt – physically, at least – has been a slow process.The umbilical cord cannot be completely cut because everything I do and am is immersed in the Egyptian soil. The boxes I brought from the Pyramids´land – filled with the stuff I considered most important to me like errr…books – remain sealed, waiting for my new home. Time has arrived.

A home – internal and external – update is urgent: I need to see – as clearly as possible – which other (higher) dreams I want to fulfill but, most important than that, I need to remind myself happiness is more important than success or, in other words, happiness IS success.

From living and working in my Cairo cocoon for 8 years to travelling the world, non stop, to spread the seeds, I didn´t have the time or the clarity to decide where I wish to build my nest. And I DO want to build my nest.It´s great to know the world while doing the work you love but I need a place to call home, my space, my smell, my things, the arms of my man to hold me upon every return; my ground. A tree cannot grow high if its roots are not deeply ingrained in the earth.

Friends and folks and astrology and inner voice tell me there´s a powerful eclipse arriving – I can already feel it, baby! – and I´m counting on cosmic forces for a hand in this (and other) matter(s). I enter every chapel, church, mosque, synagogue, temple, river. Everything serves the same Power and I´m a good collaborator. Let´s do this, partners!

´Coming home, baby

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