12718071_1027720020599835_1802403060744007477_nParadise is not a place or circumstance; it may well be many places and circumstances. And people too, starting with me.

For now, here´s my idea of paradise (in the great company of an eclipse that´s gonna rock our world): hot bath with scented oil and salt, bubbles & candles; book; cup of tea. The – other -world outside.

Only peace and (self)love are allowed in.

I draw three hearts on the wall, covered in steam. One is mine; the other is for the man of my dreams and the third is for the love we make.

Returning to the water, I notice all is exactly as it should be. I play with the bubble bath, take a sip of my tea and kiss the page of the book I´m reading at the moment. I laugh for no apparent reason. Paradise, just as I said it would be.

I´ll be back soon.1723797_10153786901207731_7702910913348215833_n




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