tumblr_nsdvw1SIo01sypuuko1_500.gifI can tell which moon phase we´re in by touching my body. Volume, water accumulation, shape, sensations, skin, desires, density, internal rythm, sleeping cycle and emotional state are just some of the clues I collect, during each moon cycle.

Working with the moon – which Fernando Pessoa called “Nossa Senhora do Silêncio” (Our Lady of Silence) has been one of my many links to the Universe, a proof that we – humans and earth – are One. I know which battles I can fight and which are a waste of time and energy. Fighting nature is self-destruction. Pure and simple.

As it happens on every full moon, I am pregnant. Rounder, fuller, ready to explode into directions I cannot fully control. As the animal in me comes to the table – claws up in the air, raw; wanting to be seen, touched and caressed -, I see further into my soul. That´s how it works, remember? You touch the sky by going deep into the earth. Nothing new here.

We can escape, at least temporarily, many things but ourselves is not one of them. Not on a full moon. Not now. And why would I?

A thirst for rain water is taking over me – I want to drink it directly from the sky, my mouth opened towards the clouds; a hunger for earth, silence, truth is making me sing in a different tune. Sirens are calling me again (how I missed their chants!).

The essential. Home coming. Love: love: love.


Celebrating Life – everything it includes. All embracing embrace. The essence of Feminine.


Just a little 😉

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