Internal geography

dc4acf3da213ff3c5ab965f7633867e6Funny how journeys start, progress and end in a circular, ascending order.

You have to face darkness before you can face light – it´s called Initiation. Alchemists know about it as much as we do, even when we´re not aware of it.

First you seek outside what can only be found inside; you go out in order to come back in where it all starts and ends.

In my short, yet intense, life I´ve travelled more than most people do in their entire life time.

I´ve grown up between Spain and Portugal, lived in Egypt for 8 years, worked in Lebanon, Qatar and Oman for months and have already worked in more countries than my memory can count.

I love it; a gipsy is always a gipsy. But now I´m starting to be curious about another kind of country which requires no visa, no passport, no maps or touristic plans: myself. Travelling back inside – myself – is The Journey that´s keeping me awaken at night with excitement, curiosity and, yes, a little bit of dread. There´s no land more foreign, exotic or unexpected than the one we carry inside.

Internal geography: who am I or who am I becoming? Do I like what (who) I see once I jump inside of this country called “Joana”?

What´s inside – the things I wish to release and the treasures I wish to activate? What does my soul – hidden in my uterus – tells me? I really have to go inside this country in order to listen to IT.

– Mr. Freud, feel welcome to join me; you´ll have a blast on this ride!

On my way to Poland right now; also on my way to myself. Which one is the most thrilling journey? (I have a guess; it´s just a guess).

580385_913080428740351_2703988531711307777_n (1)

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