On the road again

580385_913080428740351_2703988531711307777_n (1)

Time to depart, once more. Travelling has been a part of my life for so long I cannot imagine living without it anymore. Travelling is more than a professional duty or a passion; it defines me, in more than one way.

The privilege to travel doing the work I chose and love is something I earned with my sweat and a huge part of my soul, a deserved gift I don´t take for granted.

Although 2016 is – at least on my agenda – a WRITING year (good girl finishing her new books – volumes I, II and III. Yes, I dream big! 😉 ) for which a certain immobility is required, my dance keeps flowing everywhere, like an ocean with endless arms, spreading throughout the globe. I go where my heart asks me to go. Period. Another – earned – privilege.

Next stops: Milano, Italy (check link for event´s program: http://www.metissart.org/newsletter/the-secrets-of-egyptian-dance-con-joana-saahirah/) and Lublin, Poland (check link for event´s program:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1651983745038908/). Nothing but excellence and passion on the way.

We´ll meet soon, somewhere over the rainbow!


Joana Saahirah a Milano, Italia!


Joana Saahirah in Lublin, Poland!


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