Unique moments in Istanbul

Success is:

  1. Living your dreams with integrity and courage.
  2. Creating moments you and your audiences will forever cherish in your hearts,
  3. Feeling alive and grateful for every step of the way. The Mountain has beautiful landscapes – don´t forget to enJOY them while you climb to the top.
  4. Surprising yourself, taking risks, growing, never settling for the comfort of the already known.
  5. Having the humbleness to know we never know much and the self-confidence to believe in ourselves and keep dreaming.

In the video: Joana Saahirah Taksim (improvised instrument solo) moment in Istanbul, Turkey (Tara Tarazade Festival).
Jamming with a beautiful Turkish orchestra. Unique moments shared with unique people.
Moment captured by the fabulous André Elbing

Tarazade moment Istanbul.jpg

Photo by André Elbing 

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