Don´t ask

I heard a simple & wonder*ful story about Isadora Duncan, the mother of Modern Dance, an artist and a visionary who knew a thing or two about Greek dance (which happens to have the same ground as Egyptian Dance – coincidences; nothing more than coincidences).

At the end of one of her dance performances, a gentleman approached her and asked something like this:

-What was the meaning of the dance you presented today?

To which she answered, approximately:

-If I could tell you the meaning there would be no point in dancing it.

This says it all (or as much as it can be said).

Dancers are like lovers – we work with our eyes closed and our hearts wide open; we dwell with the things of the invisible, the unexplicable, the realities we simply cannot express through words.

As a publicly declared lover of words, you can imagine how different – and exciting – my profession is: to create experiences, for me and my audiences & students, that words and rational thought fail to grasp. Mystery, bliss, ecstasy and God are a dancer´s daily bread.

Don´t ask me what it means; don´t ask me why I dance. It just does; I just do. Like love. Like God.

Over here, some of those unexplicable moments captured during one of my performances in Thessaloniki, Greece. Photos by André Elbing.




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