Joana Saahirah at the Elephant Journal


I´m (once more) in PROUD author mode & thrilled to expand my horizons.
My first article for the fabulous “Elephant Journal” is out and flying high. I love when I produce something I know will inspire, guide, support or empower someone´s life. May that be a dance, a class, a text, a book – any tool my creative channels choose.
The Body of a Dancer (or the Human Body), an entity in constant change and expansion, has been a polemic subject since Humanity saw itself in the mirror but, as you´ll see in the article, it doesn´t need to be anymore.
There´s a Revolution going on and we´re part of it – we CAN dust ourselves off from the inside out. Life is too precious and short for self-hate or any other type of ignorance.
Elephant Journal.JPGHere it is the link for the article. Feel welcome to enJOY, comment and share as much as you wish:

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