Regrets (?)

11026290_890948810953513_1880307327711817535_nI can fairly say I have no regrets, except for not having jumped on Jude Law´s back when I had the chance (Noel Coward theatre, in London, may well be the most melancholic place on earth). In my defense, I was taken by an internal hysterical shimmy attack when that fateful meeting happened so I´m – partially – off the hook. Right?

Otherwise, I´m cool: I´ve loved whom I wanted to love and told them so out loud, I´ve followed every siren that called me and chased – keep chasing – my dreams, even the ones which seem impossible.

Still…reminders are never too much. Plus:I´m fond of CLEAN SLATES – they´re just what the doctor ordered. Yallah, let´s LIVE!

Follow the link and get inspired (for action):

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