Our intention creates our reality

“Our Intention Creates Our Reality.”

~ Wayne Dyer

Is that so? I´m not sure but I´m willing to find out. Today, tomorrow; everyday.


I love to study – Oxford and the amazing time I recently spent there, taking a course at “Corpus Christi” college comes immediatly to mind – but I know education is a personal journey, a continuous process we have to keep on feeding and expanding. It´s never finished. Nobody truly delivers you the goodies on a golden platter – you have to go and dig them out with your hands.

There´s data gathering – what most of us do -; there´s knowledge and there´s wisdom – what we make of the knowledge we receive. Digesting is more important than taking it in. Some people spend their whole life wasting lessons, opportunities, risks, lessons, growth, love.

As a Hermes and Saturn daughter – sun in Gemini, ruled by Hermes/Mercury and Ascendant in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn-, I know experience is an ally to intelligence. I try to keep them in harmonious collaboration, even if I often fail at it.

Wisdom is what interests me the most so I study – life, my craft, love, matters that matter to me – and I intend on always being a student. Eternally.

Knowing how to LIVE has been on my table for a while. How good is a successful career if we don´t feel genuinely complete and happy?

I don´t claim to have answers, especially where life is concerned. In fact, what I don´t know seems to be what guides me the most; assuming my ignorance can only make me stronger. But I´m curious; I observe – myself and others but mostly myself – and try to figure things out.

Does intention define our experience? Maybe it does. I´ve had proofs that confirm it – some times. Other times the whole Dance is just too complex and (literally) mind blowing so I surrender, I flow with a chaos whose rules, if there are any, I cannot grasp.

It´s all good as long as my curiosity and wonder remain intact.

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