lovemypage.JPGI love to step – dance – on sacred grounds. May those be the stages, rooms, gardens, churches, synagogues, mosques, gutters I walk through. Every space can be a worshipping space.

This is why I love my Joana Saahirah of Cairo Fan Page and I ain´t afraid of saying it out loud: I LOVE MY FAN PAGE! There; I´ve said it. If I cannot openly love myself and the things I do, who will?

I´m proud of this sacred space not only because it´s composed of pieces of me – my work, inspirations, thoughts, questions, passions – but because it´s truly inspiring and thought(action) provoking, the kind of fan page – sacred space – I´d like to follow.

Let me keep modesty ashore – no time for bullshit or false pretenses.

-Life´s short, dah´ling!

passion.JPGCheck it, like it and follow it (if you like); as far as I´m concerned, I´m in love with it:

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