There´s a lot of important things we´re never told.

Mums don´t tell how hard it is to raise their children; achievers don´t tell how much sacrifice, choices and hard work they have to put into the realization of their dreams; lovers don´t speak of their loved ones dark side; the fruit doesn´t mention the seed.

I´ve been working on my new book(s) every day, even if just for a couple of hours – consistency and a bright flame are key.

I´m writing from scratch, using a draft I wrote in Egypt between 2011 and 2012. That was the seed – now I´m working on the flowers and the fruits. They´re so present I can feel their smell. Characters, old and new, are growing and coming out of the paper with their own voices; scenes, dialogues and places are coming to life. I, a professional dancer who´s used to move almost 24 hours per day, sits at a desk for hours with a cup of coffee and an animal look on my face, shedding real blood – life – from my fingers.

It´s an obsession – it has to be in some way. Otherwise, something of this magnitude/length cannot be completed. The first volume is practically done but there´s much more ahead. Smile, baby, smile – I say to myself – and move forward, one word at a time.

Taking time from my profession and private life to close myself in a room writing – or trying to – for endless hours seems crazy when I think about it. But there´s nothing I would rather be focusing on, exception made to dating Jude Law or meeting the love of my life.

I don´t know if I´m doing it right – by God, who does? – but I do know I´m doing it with love. In other – less poetic – words, I´m working my ass off with a passion that often scares me. The result is in the hands Gods & Goddesses.

-Have mercy, dear partners in crime!10354066_718293958226776_8720403027983438211_n


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