I can´t help falling in love

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The Secrets of Egyptian Dance, a step further into The Magic – my new ON LINE INTENSIVE WORKSHOP. 5 sessions of pure discovery and reinvention. More infos via email: dancemagica@gmail.com

Every class is unique; every dancer I teach – and learn from – brings precious things to the table. Teaching big groups, as I do when I travel the world, is great but there´s nothing like the face-to-face quality of a private lesson.

I´m richer and a little bit wiser after I wrap a dance session with a dancer. And I´m a lucky teacher – very lucky.

Every single dancer I´ve worked with in my ON LINE PRIVATE COURSES – the regular ones and the NEW “The Secrets of Egyptian Dance” workshop – is inspiring. Each one is beautiful, intelligent, creative, strong, kind and surprising in her own way. I can´t help falling in love with each one of them.

As I move forward with my new – exciting – intensive workshop (the already mentioned “The Secrets of Egyptian Dance”), I meet new faces, backgrounds, goals and dreams. Yet the fascination remains. I haven´t crossed paths with a single average or dull dancer. Not one.

These private journeys are demanding – they require a lot of my time, energy and focus – but the results are fabulous and so is the growth I take from them.

12631277_944555168927549_1748116064849491756_nI´ll have to start limiting subscriptions soon. My time doesn´t allow for much more than I´m already handling. I´m starting to fail commitments and make a mess of my overloaded schedule. NOT my type of professional attitude.

The need to create a GROUP COURSE – not private – which can save me time/energy and allow larger groups of dancers to enjoy my work is becoming too urgent to ignore. It´s been on my heart for a long while; I have the concept and the contents, only the technological platform is missing.

Ideas, anyone?

Until then, I´ll keep doing my best and, no doubt, falling in love with every dancer I teach (learn from). Being this aLIVE is tiring but it´s so damn delicious. I wouldn´t want it any other way.

P.S.  It may be hard to be a man in a world filled with so many amazing women. Keeping up with their standards, not getting scared with their magnitude, stepping up to a higher form of masculinity, one that matches the level where these women are living these days. Wowza! I feel for you.

Hats off for the gentlemen who are trying to honour us and honour themselves on the way up; we need more of you.When-Noah-Asks-Allie-Dance-Street


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