Old battle

SurrenderSome lessons are never fully learnt. Here´s one of them: letting go; allowing life to take its course and trust what is ours will come to us in its own time and context. Basically, trusting that Life is working with/for us and not against us.

Fight for it; work hard for it; make it happen – how many times have I repeated these clichés? How many times have I acted upon them with a sense of deep merit and pride?

Somehow, letting go of the fight, sitting back, receiving without struggling and letting things happen for me feels like quitting or, at least, a lame ass excuse for laziness. There may be a balance between action (imposition of our will) and active passivity (receptivity; openneness), I´m sure there is. I´m not so sure we´re ever able to find it and keep it on a constant basis.

Meanwhile, a voice in my head – which started out as a faint whisper – is becoming louder and louder, making it impossible for me to ignore it: sit back and receive; let things happen; trust the Flow of Life; don´t push so hard – it keeps singing. And I´m listening.



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