Eternity in a moment


Photo taken in Cairo, Egypt. I´m reflected on the mirror you can see in this picture.

The nature of Art has always interested me, mostly because it teaches me about Life.

What is dance and how does it affect the ones who materialize it and enjoy  it (the artist and the audience)? Egypt was clear in most of its lessons – the power of silence/pause/stillness was one of those learning curves I soon recognized as an essential bridge to connect with my audiences and build a balanced existence where I managed to avoid getting burnt out.

In the West, most of us are educated to make things happen and to speak up and to talk and produce and deliver and stress all the time. And, and, and. Yet that´s not how life or dance  work. They require the maturity to stop and remain still, to let life happen to us, through us and not always because of us and our imposed will. It  takes attention and humbleness but we get there – that magical place where we´re we´re One with The Flow that runs the Big Machine.

As I look at these images, produced in different settings – from photo sessions in Egypt and in Ireland to shows in Czech Republic -, I recognize, once more, the power of silence and immobility. It may sound strange to associate Dance with being immobile but there´s nothing more accurate than such link. Immobility is the source, the starting point, the connection between the musical notes, the breathing speace where we exhale. Without it, we cannot breathe or dance or live in a fulfilling way.

How much can a detail, a pause, a moment of absolute surrender say? It can be 1000 times more powerful than words, actions, dance steps. Still we insist on proving our worth at any cost.

I don´t know about you but I´m always learning and relearning – I never  know much.


Detail captured by Martin Kabrt during my last performances in Czech Republic


Photo taken by Fi Killen in Tullarmore, Ireland (on my favourite oak tree, next to the enchanted Charleville castle)


Photo taken by Libor Foltynek during my last performances Czech Republic

Libor Foltýnek

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