1. 12310650_10153300291713379_858170455267827307_nThe Blue Hotel (public library) by Stephen Crane
  2. The Open Boat (public library) by Stephen Crane
  3. Madame Bovary (free ebook | public library) byGustave Flaubert
  4. Dubliners (public library) by James Joyce
  5. The Red and the Black (public library) byStendhal
  6. Of Human Bondage (free ebook | public library) by W. Somerset Maugham
  7. Anna Karenina (free ebook | public library) byLeo Tolstoy
  8. War and Peace (free ebook | public library) byLeo Tolstoy
  9. Buddenbrooks (public library) by Thomas Mann
  10. Hail and Farewell (public library) by George Moore
  11. The Brothers Karamazov (public library) byFyodor Dostoyevsky
  12. The Oxford Book of English Verse (public library)
  13. The Enormous Room (public library) by E.E. Cummings
  14. Wuthering Heights (free ebook | public library) by Emily Brontë
  15. Far Away and Long Ago (free ebook | public library) by W.H. Hudson
  16. The American (free ebook | public library) by Henry James

List taken from my favourite website (Brain Pickings):


What you´ve just read is a MUST READ list from Ernest Hemingway. He adds Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn as the book that “marks the beginning of American literature”. This is all I can say: I´m screwed. So deeply, so deliciously.

The piles of books at my home grow at a frightening pace. I´m a busy person, why would I keep buying books I obviously have no time to read? As if their presence, and their presence alone, would educate me and inspire me by osmose. Does it?

Some women go wild over shoes, I go wild over books (and Jude Law and Free People cloths but those are another stories). Where will I get the time to read all these gems? Then comes a devilish fact: each book you read leads you to another book which you didn´t have in mind and you feel you MUST READ. I´m sure I´m not alone in my anguish. Somewhere, out there, there are equally weird book lovers who get me.

It´s an addiction, like any other: the smell of a book – I always take that deep breath into the pages – ; the touch of different kinds of paper; the inspirations, the continuous learning, the awe at the talent of certain writers. Oh, man…can anybody save me from compulsive growth? Would I want to be saved? giphy (1).gif

It´s hard being an alien.

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