Tabla Love for Navani Reyes (Savannah, USA)


Photo taken in Savannah, Georgia, USA. Photographer: Yara Dance

I´m an artist – that means I´m a bowl that is meant to receive blessings and a certain doom which I try to transform into further blessings. Part of my condition entails the continuous thirst for Inspiration and Truth – it never stops, it never ceases to haunt me. I´m permanently searching, finding then searching more; always thirsty, a vampire who´s not afraid but a lover of the Light.

Women from every part of the world, women I meet through my work (performing, teaching and lecturing in several countries), feed that thirst and satisfy my search for Truth. They inspire me and reflect what IS real, each in her own beautiful way. I don´t mean men don´t do the same but, at least for now, my world is dominated by the Feminine and, therefore, is the Feminine that feeds me the most.

Here´s a video – of a casual Tabla solo performance I´ve presented in Savannah, Georgia, USA- dedicated to one of those women. For her, Navani Reyes, with all my love.

Thanks to Yara Dance for the video and the sponsoring. You´ve done an amazing job at both!

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