Obsession (Ondeia by Dulce Pontes)


Everybody I know seems to be obsessed with balance but I´ve discovered that in order to keep balance we have to surrender to certain inbalances (or obsessions). I´ll go even further by affirming that going totally out of balance is often the only way to recover a certain balance.

So many of us, me included, master certain crafts but fail at Life and at the wisdom necessary to master it. Juggling work with private life, what others expect of us and what we are supposed to be and do for the sake of our soul; juggling free will and destiny, silence and song, stillness and movement; floating within the chaos without loosing track of who we are and where we´re meant to go. Oh, boy. Is there an University for this thing called Life?

Allowing – even cherishing – certain obsessions is part of life mastering. Floating in the chaos, walking in the dark – fearless or not, keep walking ahead -, not avoiding the falls, eating our hearts out (because we eat to feed our bodies but also our hearts and their occasional void), reJOYcing in the not knowing.

I´ve always been a fan of obsessions, no doubt. I know great achievements, as Love, are not possible without them; I´ve also realized mental sanity needs them as much as the sun needs the moon.

And I repeat: mastering Life, knowing how to live each one of its phases, is starting to interest me more than mastering isolated crafts. So much intelligence and energy applied to this and that and so much ignorance where living life is concerned. Yet, when you come to think of it, you realize there´s no higher Art than the one of knowing how to live.

I surrender – hardly, I admit, but gladly (no, they´re not opposites). Obsession of the moment: Ondeia, interpreted by Dulce Pontes, the best living singer in the world, in my opinion. Listen and fly (or float, to be more precise):


P.S: I´ll have to choreograph this song. It´s done.

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