The Alchemy is ON – The Secrets of Egyptian Dance On Line Workshop

logo courseI am IN LOVE with this new dream!

My Intensive On Line Workshop “Introduction to THE SECRETS of EGYPTIAN DANCE, a step further into the Magic” is ON and Alchemy is already happening.

5 intensive sessions; 5 hidden sides of the same universe; 5 doors that reveal your power (as a dancer, as a human being); 5 keys to turn common moves into Art and common lives into Adventures.
5 is the number of chaos and creativity, the beginning of Everything Innovative. There are no coincidences.

This workshop is a synthesis of much of what I´ve learnt in 8 years of career in Egypt, my work travels around the world and my intuition, observation and (lucid) madness.
Knowledge is not the data we collect but what we´re able to make of it.

This course is NEW – I´m sharing unreleased material totally out of the mainstream/superficial/commercial approach. Self-knowledge, expansion – of the self, the soul and its creativity – art and healing are on the menu.

11855845_489047451275591_3684121511993308670_nHow it works:

The course is divided into 10 sessions, each one with 2 hours length. We´ll explore a specific theme in each session.

Every class is PRIVATE – a combination of a specific program I´ve developed and what the dancer brings of her own background, level and interest. Classes happen in a personal/human mode, in real time, face to face, on Skype.

There are bonus pre-recorded videos as well as texts and homework between sessions.

11855845_489047451275591_3684121511993308670_nWho can benefit from the Course:

Everybody who wishes to learn – in depth; as an explorer – about Egyptian Oriental Dance; everybody who wishes to go beyond the common mainstream choreographies that mean nothing and teach you nothing but outdated gimmicks.

Every dancer who wishes to take her craft into an artistic, healing, alchemical, shining level.

Dancers from every level can benefit from the course because the program is adjusted to each person´s level, learning pace and goals.


More informations about the Workshop via email: dancemagica@gmail.com12193781_1117521831606198_2976270653448382775_n

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