A Sky full of Stars


Photo by Samer Ibrahim for Sharif Wear by Nourhan Sharif (New York)

I don´t believe in lonely stars, although talent is a fleeting? reality that changes, downgrading or upgrading, the whole game.

If you´re not talented as a dancer, there´s no great composer or orchestra that can make you shine. But, if you happen to be a talented dancer, your STAR will shine brighter if accompanied by other talented artists, each one with his own STAR. Then, and only then, you are expanded and your lonely star becomes a “sky full of stars” (thanks, Coldplay). Just as you can see in this video I´m share with so much love – and longing – in my heart.

Here´s what you can find in this video:

Joana Saahirah Around the World Majance – MAGIC.
Me, performing with my orchestra in Cairo, Egypt.

Majancé (entrace on stage) “Joana Around the World” composed by Hossam Shaker.

Words fail to express what these musicians have given me on a daily basis, for 8 years in a row. They were not employees hired by a “rakkasah” (dancer), as it happens with most orchestras that work with dancers in Egypt, but artists who loved their work as much as they loved mine; I will never forget the look on their  faces every time they saw me getting on stage or on our rehearsal room. A mix of admiration, respect, adoration and aprehension – a group of grown up men putting me on an altar I didn´t know if I fitted in.

They didn´t just give me their music but their whole lives and their hearts on a platter. Priceless gifts and, as far as I´m concerned, the true meaning of sucess.

Can you feel the Magic?

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