Baladi Flight in Cairo, Egypt

10945512_932560883434456_3887091722397342455_nIt´s house cleaning/uncluttering/organizing time, it seems. So much life lived to the fullest, so much work – in Egypt, around the world – and memories made. I move, and labour, quite fast but I cannot keep up with the speed of events; it´s impossible to share all the jewels my career keeps bringing. The Abundance is overwhelming, though fully appreciated.

Here´s another corner of the house, properly located on the shelf of soulful moments I never want to let go of. From here, the path is always up.

Blessed & grateful.


“Oriental Dance is disturbing and nobody knows exactly why. It´s not just a question of prejudice, prostitution associations, myths and the presumed sexual nature of the movements (everything is potentially sexual – it´s just a question of brain programming). There are dances which are much more suggestive than Oriental but they don´t get the same amount of negative attention; they don´t have the “sexual” label stuck to their chests. Ever wondered why?

It´s easy to pinpoint the factors that make Egypt – or Egyptians – hate/love their dance. The impact of Islam, the absence of Women´s Rights or the lack of education explain the phenomenon, at a certain extent. What about the so called civilized world, the West? What about those countries where religion doesn´t asphyxiate people´s minds? Places where sexual repression doesn´t turn people into famished wolves who cannot distinguish between a woman and a cow? What about intelligent, educated and open minded folks? They, too, tremble at the sight of an Oriental Dance piece; it shakes them from/to the core. And I don´t mean an exotic cheap striptease; I mean a PROPER piece of dance: artistic, elegant, creative, human, filled with meaning.

-It´s just dance! What´s all the fuss about? – I ask them; they never give me an answer.”

Excerpt from “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond” by Joana Saahirah (2nd edition, revised & updated).

2nd edition The Secrets of Egypt by Joana SaahirahHow to get your own copy:


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