Forgetting you (?)

Martin Kabrt Magic.jpg

Photo by Martin Kabrtz

“Ansak, da kallam” = “Forgetting you, impossible”, Om Kolthoum sings in the theme I´m interpreting in the video bellow. I almost, but not quite, envy people who can dance without delivering their soul on a platter but I´m not one of them. I´m an ALL or NOTHING kind of girl to the expense of my own energy/life. I guess that´s the downside of being an Artist.

If doubts existed, you only had to see how many weird faces and body movements I do to know, without doubt, each moment comes directly from the soul. Not picture or video perfect but real. I like BEING human – what can I do about it?!

I subscribe to what Isadora Duncan once answered to a man who asked her what her dance meant: if I could tell you what it meant, there would be no point on dancing it.

How much life, sweet & sour romances, sadness and hope can a song – or song interpretation – entail? Then again, you had to BE THERE in order to feel it, with us, in the theatre at the heart of Brno, in Czech Republic.

Dancing Om Kolthoum music has always been one of my favourite challenges, something I launch myself into with humbleness and never knowing where, or if, I´m going to land. I bow to the honesty you can find in this video:

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