Me Pleaser

1507142_757436154311371_3217604589694566217_nBetween a crowd pleaser and a “me pleaser” (something I am proud to call myself) there´s a long distance with space for all sorts of grey tones.

A crowd pleaser is someone who follows the sheep, doing his/her best to act according to what he/she presumes other people want him/her to act. If you ask me – and I know you didn´t -, a crowd pleaser is a lame ass person. I´m not allergic to any specific kind of food but I am allergic to alcohol, bullshit, dishonest assholes and crowd pleasing folks.

A “me pleaser” thinks for him/herself and acts accordingly – if other people like it, great! If they don´t, equally great! The point is not on the other side of the rope but in the side that actually produces, dares, creates out of the box.

Of course things get more complicated when you´re a an artist/teacher/author who lives from the feed-back of the crowds. Meaning: if a considerable amount of people don´t like what I do – professionally and, let´s admit, personally -, they don´t buy my product and I don´t have money to live. Simple, and complicated, as that.

The relation between pleasing others, at least in my work, and having money to pay the rent at the end of the month is scary. Particularly for someone who tends to do exactly what she wants, as she wants, when she wants.

While I dream of winning the lottery – or similar – and therefore being released of any external pressure to make things people like (notice that most people follow Justin Bieber and the Kardashians; most people think alien tummy flicks are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and wouldn´t know a Dancer if she fell on their heads; most people would rather watch a reality tv show with idiots beating up their parents than reading a good book or watching a good movie; most people are not my demographic), I worry a bit and DARE a LOT. The daring exceeds the worry.

I have many wishes for 2016 but I will keep most in the privacy of my heart. I´ve learnt how to keep my mouth shut – hard lesson for a parrot like myself! – and reveal just enough, not too much. Here´s a public wish for 2016: release any hint, even the smallest, of remaining crowd pleasing virus from my blood. Doing EXACTLY what I want, disregarding of others´opinions and APPRECIATE myself, independently of exterior opinions/approval/rejection. Because, indeed, I know GREATNESS when I see it. And here´s a piece of it (she says out loud, no fear of being considered an arrogant prick):

I just LOVE: LOVE: LOVE what I do and, in particular, the Life and Art you can catch in this video. Now bite me, if you wish, particularly if you happen to be Jude Law. In that case, feel welcome to bite me hard. And don´t stop. Thank you very much.

2 thoughts on “Me Pleaser

  1. Glad to know it, dear brother. Egyptian Dance is always a Celebration, even the celebration of sadness – if that´s the case – because Life entails everything that is, the light and the darkness.
    Wishing you and your family the BEST in this new year!


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