Kissing the past; embracing the NOW

I see myself entering The Womb in 2016. The Universe confirms what I already knew – a new incubation period is upon me and I couldn´t be happier. It takes guts to fly as much as it takes guts to go deep into the earth and breathe, dig, heal and die. Only then, after that retreat, rebirth can happen. And it´s happening. My priorities are clear – ah, that fog is gone, thanks God! – and I will make my best to honour them.

Sometimes, we need to retreat and silence ourselves in order to grow. The constant chatter, moving around, doing and shining is amazing and it´s central do my Being but the CONVENT is calling me now and I bow to the Truth. I may not know a lot but one thing I do know:  following nothing but my own Soul´s Voice is the way to go.

As I say good-bye to this year and prepare to go ALL the WAY into the WRITING of my new book, I caress and throw my GRATITUDE into 2015 and the years that came before it. What an amazing ride this has been!


Performing in Cairo, Egypt, where I lived and worked for 8 years. From here, it has been all the way up. As I often say: bringing back the Soul of Egyptian Dance, from Egypt to the World! Amen 🙂

Here are some images of the many – many! – work trips I´ve been making all over the world. It´s impossible to select images from every country where I´ve performed, taught and lectured – it would take me days to complete that task. So here´s a sample, just a sample of an incredible DREAM come true. Let these – and other – dreams expand, multiply and fly in 2016 and beyond. Thanks to Life and to every person who contributed to turn my dreams into reality – we never fly alone.


Performing in Buenos Aires, Argentina



Lecturing in Maribor, Slovenia.


Before teaching and performing in Charleville castle, Tullamore, Ireland. Photo by Fi Killeen


Sending kisses to the wonderful audiences of Russia


Performing in Odessa, Ukraine, with a fabulous orchestra from Egypt (some of the musicians had been part of my orchestra back in Cairo)


Joana Saahirah in Paris, France, Cairo By Night Festival.


Sharing the Joy – and the food – in Eilat, Israel.


Performing in Maribor, Slovenia


Performing in San Sebastian, Spain


Performing in Anchorage, Alaska, with Issan Houshan


After performing in Chicago, USA, at Pinneaple studios

Tarazade Six.JPG

Performing in Istanbul, Turkey, at Tarazade Festival


Tarab moment during a performance in Thessaloniki, Greece


Photo session by the river in Savannah, Georgia, USA. Photo by my dear princess Yara Dance.


Teaching in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for the 3rd time. Full theatre class, as usual! “Te quiero, Argentina!” - FOTO 1.jpg

Performing in Czech Republic


Performing in Yorkshire, England


Performing in China


Performing in Tokyo, Japan


With my dear Wonder Woman, Shawnie Anderson, in Alaska


Me and the 2nd edition – revised & updated – of “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond”. Proud author mode.

2 thoughts on “Kissing the past; embracing the NOW

    • Thank you, darling Laura. Your message breathes out love and appreciation.
      Amen! May OUR next steps be bright, happy and heading towards higher skies.

      Love and a ray of light on the first day of this AMAZING year of 2016,



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