The Right to Madness – Tabla Ecstasy


Photo by Libor Foltýnek

Yet another way of saying good-bye to 2015 in great style! This time around, a souvenir from Czech Republic. Moi memme, performing with Khader Ahmed and his orchestra, at Tales of Sahara Festival.

The Right to Madness is something I wrote about in my book “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond”and it is – not coincidently – a theme I´m obliged to return on a constant basis.It´s not just the world that pushes us to go a little mad in order to survive but ART itself it´s a jump into Madness, the (often scary) Kingdom of Neptune. I hope I can always jump in and out in safety – I´ve seen the border between sanity and insanity and it ain´t pretty!

Some people never return from this kingdom.I enJOY having a feet here and a feet there. Like in this video. EnJOY!

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