Kissing 2015 good-bye with Gratitude


One more Gratitude note towards 2015 and another souvenir from China.

It wasn´t a perfect year but, then again, what is perfection?

I promised I´d finish writing my new book, collaborating with a fabulous editor who kicks my ass like she means it, and I didn´t – I went as far as finishing the 1st volume (there will be 2 or 3 more!). Instead, I said YES to non stop travelling to teach, perform and lecture and I don´t regret any of it.

I promised I´d find my new home/country/centre and I didn´t. The transition between Egypt and the rest of the World is still happening, longer and harder than I´d thought it would be. I learnt how to feel like a home to myself instead – as if my home was exactly where I was, suitcases and passport on my hands included.

I promised other things – too private to share on a blog – that didn´t happen or happened partially but I can honestly say I did my best. No lazy bones, no pride, no waiting for things to fall on my lap. I DID my part of the job and I believe Life did its part too, both of us working with my best interest in sight.

Between the plans I make and The Plan Life has for me, there´s a bridge. I cross it with Gratitude. Being aLIVE is a gift I never took for granted. Let 2016 come in all its Glory!

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