Message (to Mexico; to the World)

11822357_700998580044429_3317595634857320222_nI´ve been preaching to the wind for a while. Misunderstood, in most cases; hated or loved but never a target of indifference.

When you speak, dance and work from a higher perspective, you cannot expect being understood by the majority. The majority is still back there, stuck in the harem of the odalisques and the sultans. How could I expect them to get me and my dance? And yet they do. Gradually. More and more. As the world evolves, my Vision becomes clearer and closer to the majority and that, I confess, makes me happy.

11701208_882847115142729_7228732069612302166_nThe Roads have been rough – now much better and smoother, thanks God! – but it´s been worth every bit of sacrifice and fight.

Two years of work in Portugal – enough to create an Oriental Dance market where there was none -; 10 years of life and work in the Middle East, 8 of which in Egypt, presenting my daily show with my own orchestra; these last 3 years of non stop traveling around the world – performing, teaching and lecturing. Many things have changed (me; my dance) throughout these roads but the essential remains the same. Shokry Mohamed´s (RIP) hands are untouched by time; Souhair Zaki´s silence is untouched by knowledge; Mahmoud Reda´s tenderness is still carried with lightness in the purest part of my steps. These – and other – teachers with whom I had the privilege of learning keep whispering The Truth in my ears. And I´m able to listen. Still, more than ever.

I´ve built my own dance (artistic identity) – still starting! – and found my way around the craft – in Egypt, in the world – but make no mistake: the more I grow, the more I bow to my teachers, the ones who first lighted up the way so I could be here, right now, writing this.

For now, as we prepare to close 2015 with a golden key, this is the message I want to leave. A serious message shared with laughter. May It grow in our dance, heart and life.

Recording by Desireé, my amazing sponsor in Mexico

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