I have a Dream

1915810_1396955962039_2312205_nCorrection: I don´t have a dream. I have many dreams, the reason for my permanent enthusiasm and passion for Life. It´s a virus, you see, and I hope I´ll never be cured.

Not having dreams, aside from losing my innocence, are the only things that scare me.

Some years ago, during a course I taught in Italy, I was asked if I “had been born this way” by a dear woman called Jadranka. We, me and the dancing group, laughed it off; I don´t recall what was my answer but I know it made me smile and that´s enough.

Perhaps, and perhaps is the only certainty we can ever have, the meaning of life can be found in this Flame (dreams) that pull us forward and upwards. The materialization of that flame is optional – sometimes, dreams materialize; other times, they don´t. Their materialization can be our bliss or, in many cases, our demise – their persistance on remaining in the realm of wishes is often what saves us from death. Literal or/and metaphorical. God, or whatever you´d like to call It, can me merciful that way.

Although I LIKE the materialization part – I kiss the ground  -, I feel The Journey itself is the dream. The step forward – often into the abyss – is already the dream or its reason of being.

Following it, cherishing it, working for/with it with absolute faith and courage of ACTION, independently of the results. Aiming high, yelling those dreams into the wind (so the whole Universe can hear us), daring to chase those dreams. When defeat, or what we understand by defeat, is a possibility and we still try, still move ahead – that´s where the Value and, perhaps, the meaning of life is.

I plan on chasing – and, hopefully, materializing – all my dreams. I´m greedy that way. And may those dreams multiply into other dreams, all of them pure, made of clay and clouds and love. Always love.

Video edited by Shawnie Anderson

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