Savannah dream

aaaappooo.JPGThe South of USA has always casted a particular spell on me and I´m not  going to wonder why. This is how I roll: riding the waves of Mystery, not trying to understand what is not meant for understanding. When you kiss, a madly in love kind of kiss, you can´t think about it; when you make love, a madly in love kind of love, you can´t think about it. Once you think about the act, you kill it. The moment, the unthinkable portion that all life entails. And I kissed and loved Savannah, in a madly in love kind of love, since forever. Because I´ve loved it so much and for so long, I refuse to kill it.

There are territories where the Intellect is not allowed to enter and I respect those FORBIDDEN signs. Those ones, the ones the soul tells you not to corrupt, deserve my respect.

I bow in reverence to the only authority I recognize.


“Child of the River” photo session. Savannah. Me, photographed by Yara

aaaalovethisphoto.JPGDismissing Prometheus´arrogance in favour of Venus enJOYment. And presence. That too. Life´s too short and we gotta know how to pick the right battles.


My interview for the Savannah Morning News. Thanks to Linda Sickler for the support. Curious ad at the bottom of the interview: CHOOSE YOUR MISSION. Ah, no kidding!

Warmth, humidity, a smell of mud mixed with honey in the air and the threat of an aligator with whom I coul cross paths at any given moment – this was Savannah, when I landed. What´s not to love?

Savannah of my dreams, Savannah of my past, Savannah of my heart. Georgia, the whole state, is music to my ears. If you add the fact that I was there to do the work I love the most – or one of them -, then you know how heaven felt.


Me and my dearest, Yara, the amazing sponsor who made it all possible

I have to thank Yara, who sponsored me in Savannah, for the incredible job she did. Every detail of the event was clearly thought of and taken care of with devotion and respect for me and for the Art form that unites us.

She was the perfect host, going as far as taking me to a ghost tour (ghostbuster machinery included!), introducing me to the delicious – and dangerous – Southern food, taking me to Charleston (I couldn´t let it go, could I?) and even chasing FreePeople store. She pampered me with her passionate, serious hard work but also with her perfect Turkish coffee, which she prepared for me in the morning, and  other million details that speak beyond professionalism – they´re pure tenderness.

The work we developed, workshops and lecture with a casual performance, were groundbreaking – I hope – and the QUALITY of every moment we shared was more precious than gold.

Instead of writing about the experience, I share some gorgeous images and keep the rest to myself. As I wrote in a recent post: you had to be there to know how magical it was. No words, videos or photos can replace life. No images can make justice to the beauty, generosity and happiness we´ve shared but they´re a good reminder of the place where the goodies are stored.

See you soon, Savannah!


Souther food: The End, my friend 😉


Magnolia Plantation, near Charleston


Teaching and breaking some prejudices along the way


Shaabi moment with two of our fabulous dancers/students


Magnolia Plantation. Photo by Yara


Me and princess Yara at Magnolia Plantation, near Charleston

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