Glimpse into “Zaghareet”Magazine

12345467_10153784804249886_1623623402116362798_nPiece of the article I wrote for the fabulous “Zaghareet” magazine, to be published on the January 2016 issue:

“Egyptian Dance requires a brave jump into the Channel of Light. It´s a personal and universal channel (energy frequency) where you don´t look for your neighbour´s garden anymore. The question “is her garden greener than mine?” becomes obsolete.

Competition, pettiness and fear are not compatible with this Art form. You have to choose one channel over the other – if you want to go towards bitchy mode, forget about authentic egyptian dance; if you really want to get into Egyptian dance, forget about the bitchy mode. You´re no better or worse than anybody – you´re just as unique as everybody else and you need teachers to remind you of that through words but, mostly, through action in the shape of dance. It´s called Education. For dance and, no doubt, for life.”

Joana Saahirah

More about “Zaghareet” magazine:

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