L´agent provocateur


“Fitna” is the Arabic word for agent of disorder, something or someone who disrupts the social structure of a community (may that be a country, a town, a neihbourhood or a family). The female voice is “fitna” and so is her body hence the covering, the shaming, the twisting, ancestral punishment. No wonder Oriental Dance is considered the Nº1 Fitna Agent in Egypt (and in the rest of the world)!
I´m almost proud. Almost.

They say her body is the problem but what scares them is the FREEDOM embodied; what scares them is the open air pleasure (no Spanish Inquisition, thank you very much); what scares them is Joy in a world where joy seems to be for sale; what scares them is love in a world oriented towards ambition and benefits; what really scares them is the UNITY  – body, mind, heart and soul – that a dancing body represents. And a dancing body, in Raks Sharki, is always feminine because that´s the core of this dance.

Oriental Dance is a VESSEL, Venus shell (Vulnerable), open – brave! –  to the tides, the winds and whatever else may come its way; it takes the blow of the dagger into its arms, it rocks it like a baby until the attacker is redeemed; it accepts, includes, understands, feels everything.

Oriental Dance is the humbleness to LISTEN before considering action;

Oriental Dance is the nobleness of RECEIVING instead of the hysterical arrogance of giving, giving, giving without meaning.

Oriental Dance is the moan, the Orgasm (Tarab) – high and low pitch-, the whole Song;

Oriental Dance is the Moon, non-doing, non proving, no productivity, no imposition of will – pure RESPONSIVENESS, the bliss of being impregnated with the Universe´s semen. That is Oriental Dance, that is the feminine, that  is Freedom and that´s what REALLY scares them.

Here´s a delicious bit of “fitna”, made with love and so much pleasure, in Mexico, where I taught and performed a couple of weeks ago:

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