You had to be there


Photo taken during a show in Astrakhan, Russia. My hand, almost hugging a beating heart as a response to the love received. You had to be there to know how magical this was.

-You had to be there in order to know what I mean. – Every good Oriental Dancer dreams about hearing this comment. I´ve been lucky to hear it – and say it – countless times.

There´s something about genuine Egyptian Oriental Dance – Raks Sharki – that can only be perceived through human contact, the actual physical presence. The same thing happens to human relationships – nothing can replace a good face-to-face, hug to hug meeting. Cameras are great but they´re machines and machines don´t grasp all we are, in particular the elements which makes us Magical.

Here´s a bit of a Wonder you had to be there in order to grasp. It happened in Mexico, a couple of weeks ago, in a place that looked, smelled and felt like Cairo. Then again: you had to be there in order to know exactly what I mean. Videos don´t do IT justice.

P.S: I love the fact that machines aren´t people; I love even more the fact that some things, like Oriental Dance, demand our full presence. In a world made of speed, superficiality, long distance connections and technological (dangerous) supremacy, this is a Revolution.

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