The Sacred Language of Egyptian Dance

10672343_10152644227712572_7142798874156435483_nThe awareness that Egyptian Dance is a Language – sacred, eternal and urgent – has always been with me. It was never a novelty or a surprise; I remembered it the moment I heard Egyptian music, for the first time. And yet most of the world seems to ignore it. This dance is still (mis)used as a kind of exotic gymnastic that says and means nothing; an empty set of cute movements aimed at pleasing the crowd´s phantasies and the “dancer”´s vanity.

Only now, slowly but surely, dancers and students of this ancient art start to get a glimpse of its original PURPOSE: reconnecting, communicating, reUNITING. I keep singing it to the winds, dancing and teaching it, rejoicing in the growth. My growth, their growth. Ours.

Here´s a bit of the introduction I´ve made in Mexico, at BellyRaks Festival, to “The Secrets of Egyptian Dance” workshop. I hope it gets under your skin. Somehow, some time. It makes dance, as life, so much more interesting.

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