The Dancer

The Dancer is the Goddess, not the servant who runs towards people´s expectations – she knows her message and delivers it without hesitation.
The Dancer is a Bridge – a mixed entity, link that unites heaven and earth, half human and half divine.
The Dancer is Abundance, not default – it outpours Life on her audience, it sings them all the possibilities and it silences all the impossibilities.
The Dancer is Life that knows there´s enough for everybody (no need for competition), not a begging bowl that asks for approval, applause or comparisons.
The Dancer is God revealed, dressed in sequins and silk, disguised by the seductive steps of Hermes.

Joana Saahirah

12342293_10153780817884886_555836357210010721_n.jpgPhoto: Joana Saahirah captured by the lens of André Elbing in Istambul, Turkey, Tarazade festival

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