Dance Who You Are

-Oh, she had to get it out of her system. – She commented, after reading my first published book (“The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond”, now on its 2nd edition).

-She makes it all too personal. – Others add.

-I don´t get it. Why doesn´t she do it like everybody else and quit that strange mania of “being special”? – I actually listened to this one (in astonishment, I admit) on several occasions, under several disguises .

The critics tend to be quite repetitive, targetting the same point: the discomfort I provoke by embracing all that I am and putting it in everything I do. In my work, for sure. In my life, no less.

I say: put all that you are in what you do. They answer: nah! let´s just follow the sheep and play safe. Being yourself, and getting it out of your system, requires too much work, talent, courage and risk. Sheeps are safe; uniqueness is not. Mediocrity is impersonal; every form of art is personal in its essence.

So the world moves – ahead or backwards, we shall see.

EnJOY my very personal message, shared at BellyRaks Festival (thrown out of my system, to be more exact), some days ago, in Mexico.

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