Joana Saahirah of Cairo USA & MEXICO TOUR (November/December 2015)

20520_946107915413086_167282520580589622_nI´ve been speaking about a NEW COMMUNITY for a NEW (ancient) ART form for a while.
Egyptian Oriental Dance, rediscovered (as it has always been, from its religious roots of the past till its commercial fruits of today), practiced by a community of people, mostly women but not only, who are HUMAN, BRAVE, CURIOUS, LOVING (towards themselves and others) and FREE. YES, this is the dance I rescued in 8 years of life and career in Egypt and YES, this is the community I want to live in: a GLOBAL community of individuals who inspire and support each other instead of criticizing and competing with each other. Yes, this is my biggest DREAM.
My upcoming Tour in USA & MEXICO (November/December 2015) is one more step in this direction – the utopia, some might say, or the dream, I say, of seeing this dance I respect and love so much recognized as the Art and Alchemy healing tool it really is.
EnJOY the crazy – yet meaningful – promotional video I ´ve done for the world (edited by my dear and talented friend Khaled Roshdy):

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