Tales of Sahara Festival glimpses

Here are a few – amazing – shots taken at my last performance in Brno, Czech Republic at Tales of Sahara Festival sponsored by Tereza Klementová. You can enjoy the pictures and the short, spontaneous texts they inspired me to write.

Grateful for yet another opportunity to travel the world doing what I´ve always dreamt and being appreciated/recognized for it. As I say in one of these short texts, no one can turn their dreams into reality alone. It takes an army (of LOVE) to do it. Thankful to every single person who´s built, is building and will build my Castles along with me. Talent, intelligence, professionalism and perseverance are not enough – we need other people´s support to make IT. And I DO have those people. My heart goes to you all.12143274_1073276166029593_695650849635378896_nGrow in dance; grow in life; always grow in Love.
Appreciation, eagerness to learn, humbleness (with self-respect and respect for others) and simplicity (the ultimate sophistication) are a MUST. That is if you´re an Artist. If you´re not, you can get away with ego mania, mediocrity and competition driven re-actions.

Here´s what nobody tells us: Growth is not always an easy, joyful process. It can be painful; it can throw us off the track, rob us from our core, smash us into a 1000 pieces only to wait and see if we can glue ourselves together again.

I throw the towel on the flower – out of sheer exhaustion -, some times. But I pick it up after a couple of minutes. Greatness is not a circumstance, I´ve said – it´s a choice. Cheers to the freedom of CHOOSING to grow in dance, life and, YES!, love. Not for sissies; only for Artists.

Photo by Martin Kabrt
Website: www.martinkabrt.cz


Flying on stage -always. If you don´t reach out (IN) for your soul, Oriental Dance cannot happen.

Photo taken in Czech Republic -Tales of Sahara Festival sponsored by Tereza Sheyla Klementová – by Martin Kábrt
Website: www.martinkabrt.cz

12072828_10153657527344886_6192206056876588077_n 12107222_10153657527429886_480083585133055061_n

Talent can be defined in many ways. The Eye – (with a capital E, s´il vous plait) – for Beauty – (another mandatory capital) – is one of my favourite definitions. Here´s an example of someone who can See: photographer Martin Kabrt.

These are some of the moments he caught during my last performance in Czech Republic at Tales of Sahara Festival. Pure talent.


You don´t want to mess with a born and raised “Bint il Balad”. I can have tea and scones with a king in London, a “ful and tameya” sandwish with a street vendor in Cairo; I can talk about life with a farmer or talk about superficial deliciousness with a philosopher; I sleep in castles and I run in the mud. I am everyone – everywhere – and everyone is in me.

Moment caught by MartinKabrt.cz at Festival Tales of Sahara in Czech Republic.

12096379_10153657472039886_7346869084592290156_n 12112201_10153657480409886_8931807268410308488_n

I return to the subject of dreams (my dreams) and, consequently, I return to the fact that those dreams are only possible because I´m surrounded by amazing people who, in their own way, support and carry stones of this endless castle we build together.

Another FABULOUS shots taken during my last performance in Czech Republic, Tales of Sahara Festival sponsored by Tereza Sheyla Klementová. This time around, the photographer is Martin Kabrt. Just one word: WOWZA!

In one of these shots, I´m rocking the house with Khader Ahmad. The adrenaline, the dialogue, the excitement, the passion, the heart beat inside and out, the, the, the…I could go on forever. What a luxury!

Roman Stinkos 5

Roman Paveska photo


Libor Foltýnek photo


Libor Foltýnek photo A moment of TARAB. Priceless.


Libor Foltýnek photo Thanking the audience and life for another unforgettable show.

For a sneak peek at the show feel welcome to check the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKHu8aKaWWo

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