Joana Saahirah in Czech Republic (Tales of Sahara Festival)

Czech Republic 2015

This world of mine doesn´t stop – ever. And I´m L-O-V-I-N-G it. The only rock in my shoe is the guilt I feel for not having the time, focus, solitude and immobility to finish my new book. When the DANCE is ON, the WRITING tends to be on hold. There will come a time when I manage both worlds in perfect balance.

After Slovenia comes Czech Republic. Performing, teaching and judging at Tales of Sahara Festival sponsored by the lovely Tereza Klementová. Another chance to make it BIG, heartfelt and soulful; another opportunity to spread the Magic of Oriental Dance.

I´ve worked hard for every fruit I now have in my garden – there´s no surprise in this expansion. Only the ones who don´t know me or how much work, sacrifice and integrity I´ve put in my career can be astonished at the speed and quality of my growth. I can only say: thank you and I KNEW IT.

Let´s ROCK, Czech Republic!header promo 2015

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